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2920 W. Olive

2920 W Olive Ave
Offices approx. 200-800 SF. Parking available

Contact Brad Howard (818) 843-7850

  1975 Verdugo

1975 Verdugo Blvd. Restaurant and Retail
Under construction.

Contact Brad Howard (818) 843-7850

      1975 Verdugo Brochure Property Brochure
    Rentable Square Footage  Rentable Square Footage

2307 W Olive Ave.-Store Fronts/connecting
A=1350 sf and B=2700 sf

Contact Office for appointment (818) 841-0881


2321 W Olive Ave.-Several Units Available- 550 sq. ft .each - Bathroom in units

Contact Office for appointment (818) 843-7850